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Skolkovo BioMed-Supported Project Seeks Partners to Facilitate Commercialization

Skolkovo BioMed-Supported Project Seeks Partners to Facilitate Commercialization

Rapid Point-of-Care Tests for Brain Injury Would Fulfill Enormous Unmet Diagnostic Need

Moscow, Russia - Distinguished Professor Svetlana A. Dambinova will present details of her project, “Key Biomarkers for Risk Assessment Of Brain Damage Following Rapid Detection In Blood,” at the Moscow Life Sciences Investment Day at the Hotel Intercontinental, Moscow, on 18 June 2014.

Skolkovo BioMed has accepted this 3-year project for consideration of financial support.

The presentation will outline the project’s goal: to develop rapid point-of-care (POC) blood tests based on a mobile laboratory device platform that can detect multiple brain biomarkers for the assessment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) severity and its sequelae. Consequences of TBI can be devastating, not only for those suffering them but to society as well, costing an estimated 495 billion rubles (2.6% GDP) in health care expenditures annually.

Utilization of rapid POC tests for timely recognition of silent brain injury would fulfill an enormous unmet diagnostic need, and has the potential to reduce medical costs by up to 10%.

To date, the clinical feasibility of ELISA assays to detect the key biomarkers that regulate cerebrovascular function and neurotransmission—major glutamate neuroreceptors—has been validated, and these inventions have been patented worldwide. These biomarkers detected in the blood have demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity in accurately diagnosing the outcome of mild TBI, which can include posttraumatic stroke and epilepsy.

What is now being sought are business partners who are experienced in nanotechnologies and mobile devices to facilitate product development and commercialization of these mobile POC tests. The use of nanoparticles will increase sensitivity of the tests and speed detection time.

The results of these tests can serve as objective criteria that can be used immediately to determine whether the injured person should return to work, active military duty, or to the sports field and guide timely professional assistance and necessary treatment to avoid further complications. Such tests are also useful in identifying risk groups with acute and chronic cerebral ischemic conditions.

Following regulatory approval, the project will begin clinical trials. Pilot manufacturing will begin in Russia and in Custom Union countries, and then expanded to strategic capital cities for streamlined product distribution. Healthcare providers will be educated about brain biomarkers, and marketing opportunities will be explored in the BRIC countries.

Project commercialization is anticipated to result in several revenue streams:

  • Sales of rapid POC diagnostic tests to Russia and Custom Union countries

  • Licensing of the rapid test technology to in vitro diagnostic companies for manufacturing and distribution

  • Contracting with clinical and reference laboratories for individual use

Skolkovo Biomed looks forward discussing the benefits of this innovative project.

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